Janis Abdominal Wall Set



Janis Abdominal Wall Set

Set includes following instruments:

  • Allis Forceps, 6″(15cm), 5×6 Teeth (2 Piece)
  • Backhaus Towel Forceps, 5-1/2″(14cm) (20 Piece)
  • Bonney Onyx Forceps, 6-3/4″(17cm), 1×2 Teeth, 2500 Jaw (1 Piece)
  • Brown-Adson Onyx Forceps, 4-3/4″(12cm), 4000 Jaw (2 Piece)
  • Crile Forceps, 5-1/2″(14cm), Curved (30 Pieces)
  • Deaver Retractor, 12″(30.5cm), 1″(2.5cm) Blade (2 Pieces)
  • Deaver Retractor, 7″(18cm), 3/4″(1.9cm) Blade (2 Piece)
  • Ribbon Retractor, 13″(33cm), 1″(2.5cm) Wide, Malleable Blade (1 Piece)


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