Kaye Blepharoplasty Set

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Set includes following instruments:

  • Kaye Serrated Supercut Scissors, 4-1/2″(11.5cm), Curved

  • Kaye Light Weight Knife Handle, 6 1/8″(15.5cm), B-P Type Blades 10-15

  • Castroviejo Diamond Dust Onyx Forceps, 4″(10cm), 0.5mm Tips, 1×2 Teeth

  • Frazier Skin Hook, 4-3/4″(12cm) × 2 pices

  • Rollet Stainless Steel Retractor, 5″(12.5cm), 4 Sharp Prongs

  • Sealy Plastic Scissors, 4-3/4″(12cm), Straight

  • Webster Onyx Needle Holder, 4-1/2″(11.5cm), Smooth Jaw

  • Olsen Webster Onyx Needle Holder/Scissor Combination, 4-1/2″(11.5cm)

  • Gorney-Adson Diamond Dust Onyx Forceps, 4-3/4″(12cm), 1×2 Teeth

  • Iris, Serrated Supercut Scissors, 4-1/2″(11.5cm), Straight

  • Desmarres Lid Retractor, 5-1/2″(14cm), 9mm Wide, Insulated

  • Desmarres Lid Retractor, 5-1/2″(14cm), 11mm Wide, Insulated

  • Desmarres Lid Retractor, 5-1/2″(14cm), 13mm Wide, Insulated

  • Desmarres Lid Retrator, 5-1/2″(14cm), 15mm Wide, Insulated

  • Castroviejo Caliper, 3-1/2″(9cm)

  • Green Fixation Forceps, 4″(10cm), 12mm Tip

  • Jaeger Lid Plate, 4-1/3″ (110mm), Insulated

  • Micro Onyx Dissection Needle “Colorado Type”, 1-3/4″(4.3cm), Straight

  • Noble Touch Jewelers Non-Stick Bipolar Forceps, 4-1/2″(11.5cm), Straight, 0.25mm Tip

  • Noble Touch Adson Non-Stick Bipolar Forceps, 4-3/4″(12cm), 0.6mm Straight Tips

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